Call Listening & Monitoring

Call Listening and call monitoring for your business allows you to listen and analyse your call centre agents.

By monitoring calls, supervisors can help improve agent performance, offer training and advice as needed and deliver a high-quality, consistent customer support experience, however often for smaller companies or new start ups then is lengthy and costly, meaning you’d have to either employ someone to do it or your supervisor would have less time to supervise!

The Compliance Guys now has a team that can do this for you, we can work off your script (which we will also help you to write), we’ll score each call and offer feedback and suggestions.

The Compliance Guys can train and coach new telephonists from day one using recorded calls from your agents and reps. We will revisit calls to find key details that may have been missed during the original call.


If you’re an SME this call listening, and monitoring service is perfect for you!