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Do you find financial compliance a bit of a maze?

Automotive Dealers

The FCA Authorisation application process is a tricky one, but you know that offering finance brings more customers and more profit. We’ll get you there quickly and easily.


Do I need FCA authorisation? Yes, you Do!! If you want to generate more sales, and stop standing in the shadows of the national chains by offering finance and taking back customers

Trade Sectors

FCA Authorisation for firms, whatever trade sector you can make it affordable for your customers with finance.

Business 2 Business

Have you thought of yourself as exempt from being FCA authorisation? Maybe you’re a company that deals with cctv/security, telecoms, vending machines, payment providers? We’ll get your FCA authorisation for credit broking to enable you to facilitate in finance.


The FCA Authorisation to hold client money for consumer credit lending is very complex, but we make FCA consumer credit lending as simple as picking up the phone to one of our team of experienced compliance experts


Do you want to be an FCA Authorised Broker? Do you want to offer car finance or automotive finance? Getting authorised for your new venture doesn’t have to be complicated, we’ll guide you through and even help and supply all your FCA documentation and policies

Appointed Representatives (AR’s)

We get asked ‘why become an appointed representative?’, ‘How do I become an appointed representative?’ ‘What is an appointed representative?’ An Appointed Representative (AR) is a firm or person who runs FCA regulated activities by acting as an agent for a firm (Principle) who is directly authorised by the (FCA). This is a contractual agreement in which the principal firm must take full responsibility for ensuring that the AR complies with the regulations put in place by the FCA…easy eh? Contact us and we’ll speak to you in a language you’ll understand…and if you’re an automotive dealer, we may be able to get you subsidized.?

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We’ve tried to cover the most commonly asked questions without overloading you with information, please feel free to contact us by any method to have your specific questions answered

In almost all cases, yes. The most common exclusions are if you are offering less than 12 payments over less than 12 months and charge no interest or if you are only selling to limited companies. You can contact us for a no obligation chat about what permission you need and what it would cost.

The FCA state for a standard Limited Permission Licence it can take up to six months, however for The Compliance Guys Ltd clients, the average is around three to four weeks if everything is correct.

Before we take on any client, we discuss your eligibility and satisfy ourselves that you qualify for authorisation. It is however the FCA’s decision to approve you or not and so if you omit to notify us any information that could harm your application we cannot be liable for that. We have never yet had a customer rejected who we have agreed to take on.

Immediately, though it may take around 24 Hours to show on the FCA Register.

You are free to use whoever you wish but at The Compliance Guys Ltd we have established, unburdened relationships with Lenders and Brokers who are specialists in the sector you are working in and we will gladly put you in contact with these.

Yes, the FCA charge an small annual fee, ask you to report to their Gabriel system and confirm your firms details annually. At The Compliance Guys Ltd we can set up a monthly Direct Debit for us to take full control of these so you never have to worry – or get fined! The Compliance Guys Ltd offer on going monthly compliance packages starting from just £59 + VAT per month.

Your FCA Authorisation can’t expire, but it can be revoked!!  if you fail to pay your ongoing fee’s and file your reports then this will happen… but hey!! That’s why you’ll get us to do it for you.