For some, being directly authorised by the FCA is a responsibility that they would prefer not to have, but they would still like to have the option of advertising their stock and being able to offer monthly terms.

If this sounds like you then becoming an Appointed Representative (AR) under The Compliance Guys ‘Principal Status’ may be a great option for you.

All AR’s will have access The Compliance Guys’ bespoke compliance system KLASSIFY where you will have access to our training suite, documents & policies section including automatic emails to customers, deal logging, complaints handling, invoicing and much more.

The Compliance Guys Difference

We have purposely designed this system for YOU and NOT The Compliance Guys. We’ve made it simple and easy to use enabling you to actually sell rather than run through an elongated compliance process which gets in the way of business.

It will keep you compliant and you’ll actually WANT to use it!

If you would like to become and AR, please contact the Compliance team 01792 926040 for a no-pressure, no judgement chat.

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