Navigating FCA Authorisation for Car Finance

What Dealers Need to Know

Staying on the right side of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) isn’t just about ticking boxes — it’s about building trust and ensuring your business thrives in the competitive world of automotive finance.

Today, we’re breaking down the essential FCA authorisations you’ll need to keep your dealership running smoothly and legally.

Section 1: Overview of FCA Authorisations for Car Finance Providers

The FCA stands as the guardian of fair financial play in the UK, making sure that businesses and consumers alike are part of a well-regulated financial market. For car dealers, this means obtaining the right permissions to offer financial products without hitting a regulatory speed bump.

Section 2: Types of Required FCA Permissions

Limited Permission Credit Broking

  1. This is your bread-and-butter authorisation. It allows you to introduce your customers to lenders and brokers. It is a gateway to offering finance options directly on your sales floor, empowering your customers with choices that best suit their affordability.

Debt Adjusting

  1. Have you ever taken a car in part-exchange with a bit of finance left on it? That’s where Debt Adjusting comes into play. This permission is crucial for handling these agreements responsibly and ensuring that both you and your customer are on firm financial ground.

Debt Counselling

  1. When customers need advice on the financial implications of their potential agreements, Debt Counselling permission lets you guide them on the best paths without falling foul of the FCA. It’s about giving informed advice that protects both the customer’s and your dealership’s integrity.

Section 3: Applying for FCA Authorisation

Securing these permissions might seem daunting. You’ll need to demonstrate robust processes for managing loans and customer data, plus a clear understanding of the financial products you’re offering. Remember, the FCA loves documentation, so keep your records straight and your policies clear.

Section 4: Maintaining Compliance

Getting your FCA permissions is just the start. Keeping up to date with ongoing compliance requirements, including training for your team and regular audits of your processes, will help you steer clear of compliance pitfalls.

Regular updates from professional advisors can keep you in the know and out of trouble. That’s where we come in. We can help you with that with our Compliance Packages.

Securing and maintaining the right FCA authorisations isn’t just regulatory red tape; it’s a foundational part of your business’s success in the car finance market. By embracing these regulations, you enhance your reputation and provide better service to your customers.

Not sure if you’ve got all your FCA ducks in a row? 

You can download our checklist for a structured approach to navigating the FCA authorisation process, with resources linked for each step.

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