Test Drive App

  • Scan licenses and save/transfer data
  • Verify licences
  • Look up vehicle details
  • Automatically send documents to customers
  • Keep digital records of test drives
  • Download data for trends and marketing

Revolutionise Your Test Drives with ‘TEST DRIVE’ App

Gone are the days of traditional test drives!

Imagine this scenario: A customer requests a test drive. You hand over the keys, attach a trade plate, and watch them drive away, spending the next 45 minutes hoping the car returns in good condition, or returns at all.

With the ‘TEST DRIVE’ app, this uncertainty is a thing of the past. Introducing ‘TEST DRIVE’ by The Compliance Guys: A cutting-edge app that redefines car sales, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and speed.

Licence Verification Feature: The app checks the validity of the license, the categories the customer is authorised to drive, and any points on their licence. This feature is crucial in protecting your dealership if a customer incurs points or is involved in an accident during the test drive, as it establishes who was driving at the time. 

Speed Up Your Sales, Compliantly: Initiate the sale right on the forecourt! Simply scan the customer’s driver’s license. The app auto-populates their details into a form, organising them in a space-efficient, digital library. It also sends essential documents to your customer and conducts a VRM check on your vehicle. Within 30 seconds, you have all the necessary information about the customer and the vehicle.

Data Security and Insightful Analytics‘TEST DRIVE’ securely stores customer data, making it easy to download for trend analysis and marketing purposes later on.

Simplified Documentation Process: There’s no need for physical signatures; ‘TEST DRIVE’ uses the licence signature. Any disclosure forms (IDD, Data Protection, and Privacy Policy) can be emailed to the customer, allowing them to read them at their convenience.

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