Nick McDonald

After a few years of finding his feet in retail and other minor roles, Nick became a Business Manager for a car dealership in York. He quickly found that he was a natural leader and brilliant BM, in 2008 Nick joined Jon as a rep at main lender finance company. There he learned a lot around compliance, and became known as the compliance guy rep in his area because of his understanding of the FCA and how he helped his automotive dealer customers. Nick eventually left to start his journey in administrated warranties. Nick maintained his consultancy in compliance, calling himself Cannon Compliance which eventually became The Compliance Guys.

Jon Rix

Jon’s introduction into sales was in menswear retail back in 1990. After several years of progression he made his way into the car industry. Starting as a salesman he worked his way up to Management. In 2004 Jon became a rep for a finance company, at this company he met his now business partner Nick McDonald where both became fascinated by the compliance side of things.  Studying hard they hard the intricacies of the FSA and then the FCA and used this knowledge to help their customers. They both become consultants part time before eventually starting The Compliance Guys.

Beckii Follows
Head of Compliance

Bekii’s experience is entrenched in compliance, she studied her AS levels in compliance, and has worked for several banks and very large groups. 

Being head of compliance, she joined The Compliance Guys and was promoted within two months due to her dedication, knowledge and outstanding attention to detail.

Simon Bate
Compliance Relationship Officer

Simon has vast knowledge and experience around compliance, cutting his teeth as a mortgage administrator he left to join Provident where he spent nearly 13 years living and breathing compliance. Simon has shown great aptitude and dedication in his role as Compliance Relationship Officer looking after our Appointed Representative Network and our Platinum customer.

Reece Pickering
Compliance Subscriptions Administrator

Reece’s’ background is firmly in retail, working the shop floor for various fashion brands. Leaving to retail world Reece later became an insurance claims handler, we believe that given the correct tools and guidance Reece will become a major part of The Compliance Guys.

The Compliance Guys
Sharon Hobbs
Compliance Officer

Sharon has seen many changes to the regulatory climate in her 30 years working in financial services, firstly in retail finance and more recently in the mortgage sector.  Her experience is in quality monitoring, risk and second line compliance, where she has held positions which include Deputy Compliance Officer, Deputy MLRO, Data Governance lead and Vulnerable Customers Champion.  Sharon loves all things ‘compliance’, Sharon especially enjoys applying her experience to FCA permission applications and helping clients implementing the Consumer Duty.

The Compliance Guys
Billy Curtiss
Accounts and Systems Officer

Billy’s background is in Purchasing where he had been a Purchasing Manager for 15 years. Looking for a career change he jumped at the opportunity to join The Compliance Guys as Accounts and Systems Officer. Billy has a love of numbers. In his own words “I am a bit of a numbers nerd”. Along with many transferable skills, stats and data, Billy is a great fit for the team.

Jonnie Frith
Compliance Administrator

After three years studying Economics and Business at Swansea University, Jonnie spent 18 months as a Subject Matter Expert for a customer service company. His ambition is to be as knowledgeable as possible on everything he comes across. 

Jade Kelly
Compliance Administrator

From working in family restaurants to trampoline parks and bowling alleys, Jades career roles have always been fun. After 6 years of hospitality, Jade finished her degree in Sociology and landed a role as an Administrator due to her humble and friendly nature. Her experience of working with all kinds of people everyday means she wasn’t fazed by speaking to our customer base and her degree meant she quickly grasped the structure and nature of the FCA.

The COmpliance Guys
Phillip Booth
Lead Developer

This is Phil’s third Lead Dev role in six years. Previously a web developer both working for companies as a freelancer. Originally graduated in 2001 with a degree at Wolverhampton University in web design and continued in this field ever since.


Will Salmon
Flutter Developer

During his time studying Software Engineering at Bournemouth University, Will was introduced to cross-platform mobile app development, where he developed a deep passion for bringing product ideas to life; creating clean, intuitive user experiences. His knowledge and experience in this field made him the ideal candidate to join The Compliance Guys, to help transform and maintain the Test Drive & Test Ride mobile apps.


Humza Nazir

Humza is a developer who specialises in dynamic applications for businesses. With hands on experience in front and backed development, he loves the challenge of finding solutions to complex problems whilst creating a great user experience.




Jenny Fletcher
Compliance Oversight Officer
Having previously worked in car finance supporting car dealers, Jenny has a great understanding of the customer journey when purchasing a car, including arranging car finance, and the complications that can occur in this process. This enables Jenny to help minimise the loss of sales as well as enhance customer experience. 
Ellie Carpenter
Sales Executive
Ellie comes with a car dealership background. 
Her previous experience in customers focused helps extensively in problem solving.
Hannah Jenkins
Sales Executive
Hannah comes to the team with 17 years experience in customer facing roles. 
With previous roles in customer services and sales.
Jacob Gorman
Compliance Administrator
After 6 years working in Social Care, Jacob wanted a career change, spending 18 months completing a Business Administration Apprenticeship. Jacob was looking to learn, while finding something different and interesting.  Joining The Compliance Guys after working in difficult environments, he is always up for a challenge. 
Jamie-Leigh Page
Compliance Administrator
Jamie-Leigh has a background in Administration after studying Business and Administration, with over 6 years experience. 
With a positive attitude towards any task given.
Christie-Jane Loannou
Compliance Administrator
Christie’s previous work experience has varied between retail and hospitality, from shop floors to casinos. After graduating from the University pf Brighton with a degree in English Literature, Christie moved to Wolverhampton and found The Compliance Guys; a love for work that involves critical thinking and is detail oriented meant that The Compliance Guys was the perfect place for Christie.
Huw Jones
Sales Executive 
Huw has 10 years experience in car sales, both at a dealership and independent level. 
Having studied Automotive Engineering and having a background in Finance, Huw brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. 
The Compliance Guys
Lisa Corwood
Marketing Manager

Lisa is a seasoned marketing specialist and content creator with a passion for driving brand growth and engagement. With several years of experience in the industry, Lisa has honed her skills in crafting compelling marketing campaigns and developing high-impact content strategies.

As a marketing specialist, Lisa has successfully executed numerous integrated marketing campaigns across various digital channels.

Lian Morgan 
Recruitment Manager

Meet Lian, the ultimate recruitment maven with an impressive 16-year tenure in the industry (although she’ll humbly admit losing count of the exact number). With a treasure trove of experience in both agency and internal recruitment, Lian has become a true guiding light for start-ups, SMEs, and even global corporates, assisting them in navigating the intricate world of talent acquisition, devising brilliant recruitment strategies, and seamlessly onboarding new employees.