Nick McDonald


After  a few years of finding his feet in retail and other minor roles, Nick became a business manager for a car dealership in York, he quickly found that he was a natural leader and brilliant BM, in 2008 Nick joined Jon as a rep at main lender finance company, there he learned a lot around compliance, and quickly became known as the compliance guy rep in his area because of his understanding of the FCA and how he helped his automotive dealer customers, Nick eventually left to start his journey in administrated warranties, Nick maintained his consultancy in compliance, calling himself Cannon Compliance which eventually became The Compliance Guys.

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Jon Rix


Jon’s introduction into sales was in menswear retail back in 1990, after seven years of progression he made his way into cars, starting as a salesman he worked his way up to a deputy manager, then in 2004 Jon became a rep for a finance company, at this company he met his now business partner Nick McDonald where both became fascinated by the compliance side of things, both studied hard the intricacies of the FSA and then the FCA and used this knowledge to help their customers and both become consultants part time before eventually starting The Compliance Guys.

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Beckii Follows

Compliance Manager

Bekii’s experience is entrenched in compliance, she studied her AS levels in compliance, and has worked for several banks and very large groups, being head of compliance or compliance manager, she joined the compliance guys and was promoted within two months due to her dedication, knowledge and outstanding attention to detail.

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Luke Reynolds

Sales & Admin Manager

Luke’s experience is all around automotive and finance, he worked at the same finance company that both Nick and Jon were at, and when they discovered his availability  it was a no brainer for Luke to become The Compliance Guys’ first team member, he has been not only an integral part of what we do and a much valued team member and his professional journey is growing with Luke already being encouraged and supported in his dream of becoming head of marketing.

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Sam Winter

Key Accounts Manager

After a few years of working in the health and leisure industry Sam decided to change direction and entered the automotive industry, there he worked his way up to senior sales before taking a leap into compliance, there he learned more about franchise dealer and general insurance compliance before joining The Compliance Guys as Key Accounts Manager, Sam has embraced the #CaringNotScaring culture at The Compliance Guys  and is growing as an individual and manager.

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Hollie-Layla Jarratt

Compliance Supervisor

After years of working for the Royal Mail, banking and finance industries Hollie joined us a compliance officer, she adapted and learned so quickly that she soon became our compliance supervisor, Hollie is an asset to the team and really embraced being a Compliance Guy!

07463 684230

Simon Bate

Compliance Relationship Officer

Simon has vast knowledge and experience around compliance, cutting his teeth as a mortgage administrator he left to join Provident where he spent nearly 13 years living and breathing compliance, Simon has shown great aptitude and dedication in his role as Compliance Relationship Officer looking after our Appointed Representative Network and our Platinum customers

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Neve Bracknall

Compliance Administrator

Neve’s background is accountancy, administration and banking, looking at Neve she doesn’t look your typical rugby player, but that she is! Neve has joined us as a compliance administrator and we’re very much looking to see her grow into the role.

07883 399425

Reece Pickering

Compliance Subscriptions Administrator

Reece’s’ background is firmly in retail, working the shop floor for various fashion brands, he is sales through and through, however after his retail experience Reece joins us from being an insurance claims handler, we believe that given the correct tools and guidance Reece will become a major part of The Compliance Guys.

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